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Riaz Medical Centre offers a variety of bespoke medical services to meet your health needs and corporate budget. Very few health insurance policies provide full coverage for all health services, and even if they do, they can be costly. A vast majority of health insurance policies also do not cover preventive services such as vaccinations, dental check-ups, optical services, and vitamin deficiencies.

Maintaining the health of your employees is paramount to us, especially in an increasingly competitive and robust economy. Our corporate wellness programs are designed to fit your employees’ needs, no matter how big or small your company. All our services are offered at competitive rates with flexible payment terms and conditions. Riaz Medical Centre will work with all our clients while being mindful of their organizational health needs.

All insurance plans can be complex, and our insurance staff are always willing to help you understand the details of your plan and answer any questions you may have. For all insurance inquiries and availability please contact our network managers at the following numbers.

RMC Insurance Network Manager DXB: Dr. Tahmina Majid - 050 911 2852, nm.dxb@riazgroup.com

RMC Insurance Network Manager SHJ; Dr. Tahmina Majid - 050 911 2538, nm.shj@riazgroup.com

Riaz Medical Centre, Dubai accepts the following insurance companies and networks:

Riaz Medical Centre, Sharjah accepts the following insurance companies and networks: