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Excellence in Healthcare

Riaz Specialist Medical Center L.L.C Health and Medical


Riaz Medical Center L.L.C has been proudly providing healthcare in the United Arab Emirates to both the local and expatriate population for over 35 years.

Dr. Riaz Ahmed Chaudhry began his private practice from a single outpatient clinic in Al Shahba Area in Sharjah and endeavored to meet the health needs of the community beyond primary care. His compassion for serving humanity has resulted in the addition of Dental, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Equipment services in order to appropriately serve the diverse population of the country.

Currently, Riaz Specialist Medical Center L.L.C has over thirteen specialties focused on promoting and sustaining the general well-being of the population. With over thirty qualified physicians, and our diverse team of allied healthcare professionals, we are dedicated to improving your health. Our team of physicians are focused on achieving the values of the organization in terms of acceptability, adaptability, and more importantly affordability within the country for the foreseeable future.


  • Improving the health status of the Emirati and expatriate population
  • Delivering compassionate, patient-centered, quality healthcare
  • Adapting new technologies to improve health outcomes


  • Becoming a regional leader in sustainable healthcare

Founders message

“It is an absolute privilege to be of service to the humanity. As a physician, I am grateful to have played a part in making a difference in the lives of all whom I have met over the years. My goal in life is to see that all human beings achieve their full potential and ultimately, their success. Our team of physicians are here to serve you and are focused to help you attain that success. Your health is an integral part to the overall growth of this dynamic and vibrant society. Having worked in the United Arab Emirates for over three decades, and witnessing the amazing progress of this wonderful nation, I have no doubt that we can continue to be a part of your lives for many generations to come with your continued support insha’Allah.”

Dr. Riaz Ahmed Chaudhry M.B.B.S.